TESOL Extension Courses for the Individual Pathway


Non-Matriculated Courses for Certification in TESOL

Students may take the following 4 non-matriculated courses through the University of Mount Saint Vincent to achieve certification in TESOL through the Individual Evaluation Pathway. The courses acceptable for certification are:

  • EDUC 507 Linguistic Analysis
  • EDUC 508 Structure of American English
  • EDUC 722 Teaching ESL 1
  • EDUC 725 Teaching Across Content Areas – Methods of TESOL Pre-K to 12

These courses will be offered online.  Each course costs $745, students are required to put down $195 Deposit in order to reserve your spot.  Students can register here

As with all Individual Evaluation Pathway Courses, students should always contact their district office (Long Island/Westchester schools) or the UFT/NYCDOE Certification Office to verify these courses work with their certification.   Individual Evaluation Pathway certifications only work with valid, current certifications.  In addition, state tests and additional workshop like DASA may be required if they have not applied for any certification since January 1st, 2014.   Please visit www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/ for further information.   

Additionally, certificate candidates must provide NYSED evidence of: 

  • Major or equivalent in one of the Liberal Arts and Sciences–30 semester hours
  • Teaching Literacy Skills Methods
    *Students may have fulfilled Teaching Literacy Skills Methods as part of primary teaching certificate
  • Language Other than English
    *12 credits in a foreign/sign language/s documented on an undergraduate/graduate transcript or equivalent credit on CLEP or NYU Proficiency Tests (credits must be completed before you apply for the ESOL certificate)
  • Successful completion of the Content Specialty Test (CST) in ESOL
  • Workshops–Child Abuse Identification, School Violence Intervention and Prevention, DASA
  • Fingerprint Clearance

Call for info: 877-922-2483