Undergraduate Courses Online

CITE and The College of Mount St. Vincent are offering undergraduate courses online this fall, open to anyone, at the low cost of $550 per credit.

These are non-matriculated courses that you may be able to take in place of courses at your own school. This is for students who are going to take courses online this fall anyway, and would like to pay less for them, or who have been shut out of courses they need. Our goal is to help you get the courses you need in a convenient, affordable, and practical format.

These courses are specifically geared towards two groups of students. Answer the questions below to see if this is the right choice for you.

Group one:

  1. Are you a student at a private college?
  2. If so, will your college have courses online this fall?
  3. If so, would you like to take those courses at half the price?
  4. We can help!

Group two:

  1. Are you a student at a SUNY or CUNY?
  2. Will you be taking courses online this fall?
  3. Have you been shut out of a course you’ll need?
  4. We can help!

If your answer is yes, and you’re in either of these groups, please fill out the form below and we will call you to talk through your options. Let us know which courses you’ll need in the comments.

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